Change Your Old Case into Something New and Classy

Is it true or not that you are feeling bored with your ongoing iPhone case? Maybe it’s the ideal opportunity for a makeover! Rather than putting resources into another one, why not reuse your old iPhone case for something new and chic? With just the right amount of innovativeness and the right devices, you can give your iPhone case a totally different look that mirrors your interesting style. We should investigate some imaginative do-it-yourself thoughts utilizing materials promptly accessible in Australia.

Decoupage Dreams:

In the event that you have an imaginative pizazz, decoupage is a fabulous method for patching up your telephone case. Assemble your old case, vivid paper, a decoupage stick, and a brush. Cut the paper into little pieces or shapes and organize them, working on it in an example you love. Apply the decoupage stick over the paper to seal it up. Allow it to dry completely for a shocking new plan.

Australian Energy with Native Craftsmanship:

Flaunt your adoration for Australia by integrating native craftsmanship into your iPhone case makeover. Search for textures highlighting Native plans or buy Native workmanship prints. Slice the texture to accommodate your case, or stick the print to the case with mod podge. This remarkable touch will make your iPhone stand out while observing Australian culture.

Beaded Magnificence:

Raise your iPhone case with multifaceted beadwork. Get a few dabs and some solid glue from your nearby specialty store. Make a plan for your case utilizing the globules, whether it’s a straightforward example or a stunning mosaic. The outcome will be a tailor-made iPhone case that is certain to knock some people’s socks off.

Australian Natural Life Roused Weaving:

Give recognition to Australia’s different natural life by adding weaved accents to your iPhone case. Pick a texture with an impartial foundation and fasten on themes of kangaroos, koalas, or local birds using vivid weaving string. This customized touch will exhibit your adoration for Australia’s normal magnificence.

Elegant Texture Cover:

Give your iPhone case a delicate and snazzy makeover with texture. Select a texture that matches your style and slice it to accommodate your case. Use texture paste or two-sided tape to tie down the texture to the case, guaranteeing a cozy fit. This comfortable texture cover won’t just safeguard your telephone; it will additionally add a bit of polish to your embellishment.

Painted Flawlessness:

Release your imagination by painting your iPhone case with energetic tones and examples. Get some acrylic paints and brushes and let your creative mind roam free. Whether you decide on strong mathematical shapes or fragile botanical themes, painting your iPhone case permits you to communicate your character in a genuinely one-of-a-kind way.

Altered Washi Tape Plan:

Try different things with washi tape to make a hand craft on your iphone case. With its large number of varieties and examples, washi tape offers vast opportunities for personalization. Essentially, apply the tape to the case in your ideal game plan for a moment and make a removable makeover.


Q: Could I at any point eliminate the makeover if I have any desire to return to my old iPhone case? Indeed, a large portion of the makeover methods, for example, decoupage, texture cover, and washi tape configuration, are removable. You can strip off the materials or use solvents to break up cement without harming your unique case.
Q: Will adding embellishments to my iPhone case influence its usefulness?
A: For the most part, adding brightening components shouldn’t impede the usefulness of your iPhone case. Nonetheless, be aware of any distending globules or sequins that could block ports or fastens.


By changing your old iPhone case and utilizing these imaginative Do-It-Yourself thoughts, you’ll reinvigorate your embellishment as well as feature your uniqueness and love for Australia. So why pause? Get creating and give your iPhone case the snazzy update it merits! Whether you choose decoupage, beadwork, weaving, or some other procedure, the outcome will be a customized explanation piece that mirrors your remarkable style and imagination.